​The Most Mother Fucking PG Offer EVER!
​Cash In On An Offer So Clean, It Makes Mr. Clean Look Like A Filthy Whore

​Contest Dates: June 21-30

It’s official. The world has over-dosed on expensive dating/sex offers...

Especially the ones that are over hyped and way too sexual! 

Instead, customers want a low ticket offer that they BELIEVE works because it gives them REAL RESULTS without breaking the bank.

​That’s why for the past 2 years, my “Secret weapon” have been these ​awesome $9.95 "Impulse Offers". The customers don’t need to spend a lot in order to get a ton of value. And with 35-55% of them buying at least 1 higher priced up sell, the profits are unlike anything else in our niche.

And my newest offer "Uncover Her Signs" sells like meth to a West Virginia prostitute for 2 simple reasons:

​1: The hook is one all men know to be true. Thus this information MUST work.

​2:The price is too low for them to pass up.

​​After they've made their purchase, roughly half will also take the up sells...​

But we aren’t done yet, because We are then going to market all of our higher end training programs to your customers.

This means you drive a dead simple sale, and I keep making you money for weeks and weeks to come. You can make up to $143.50 per sale on day 1, with potentially hundred more from each customer when it’s all said and done.

​You make ​75% of the front end and 60% of ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING FOR 6 FULL WEEKS!

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